The 2018 Incisal Edge Design Contest sponsored by Herman Miller, running for a fifth consecutive year, aims to reward creativity and innovation. We've invited a blue ribbon panel of judges, who will select the top designs, and provide their thoughts on each.

Today’s Dental Design, which celebrates designs at three established dental practices in three different categories: 1. Specialty Practice, 2. New Construction, 3. Repurposed Practice, 4. Eco-Friendly. Each winner will receive:

 - an Aeron Chair valued at $3,000 provided by Herman Miller
 - a professional photo session for their practice
 - a profile in Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine’s Winter issue
 - bragging rights for eternity

Today's Dental Design Rules:

 1. You may not enter an office in more than one category.

 2. Upload a minimum of 6 photos of the nominated office (exterior, reception, operatory, consult room, sterilization center, equipment) to help our judges assess the space. Make sure the photos are in focus and high quality (.jpg file/300 ppi), and best represent the features of the nomination category.

 3. Upload a floor plan of the nominated office. (PDF or .jpg accepted/300 ppi)

General Contest Instructions:
Select one category below and complete the corresponding nomination form by September 4, 2017 and September 25, 2017 respectively. You may not enter an office in more than one category. Entries for the Incisal Edge Design Awards will be accepted until September 4, 2017 for Today's Dental Design for Existing Practices and until September 25, 2017 for Design of the Future. Then a juried panel of experts from the dental and architectural worlds will pick the most striking designs and practices.

Who Can Enter?

Students, architects, interior designers, dentists, anyone with the vision to create a workplace for the dental patients and practitioners of tomorrow.

  • Grand prize winner will receive:

    • $2,000 prize
    • a profile in Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine’s Winter issue
  • Second and Third prize winners will receive:

    • $500 prize
    • a profile in Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine’s Winter issue


Fill out the nomination form below by Monday, September 25, 2017. You may not enter an existing dental office.

Project Brief:

Design of the Future: Dentists in the “Gig Economy”
The “sharing economy,” or gig economy, is a hot idea at the moment. It has various connotations, but in a professional context it often represents a more efficient use of resources that are often under-utilized. Examples: “co-working” office spaces for freelance creatives, Zipcar for short-term car usage, Uber for part-time drivers who use their own vehicles.

Medical professionals, for a host of reasons, have largely been shut out of this transformation. What if they weren’t, though? Consider a fully appointed dental office from which three dentists run entirely separate practices, sharing (some of) the space, (some of) the equipment, and (some of) the employees to keep their own costs as low as possible while providing exemplary treatment.

What could the three of them share? The office, sure — but how would they allocate it, both the square footage and the days (or hours) each doctor was permitted to use it? How much overlap could there be in both physical space and equipment use? Likewise, consider what they couldn’t share — what in this scenario might run afoul of HIPAA strictures, for example? Is there a dental-practice design that could make for a functional gig-economy space? Show us.

Your Goal: Show me your vision for the dental office of the future using floor plans and three-dimensional renderings that showcase colors and textures.  Extra points for thinking outside the box.


Design a practice of the future:

Please include graphics that show how this practice would be constructed to maximize its utility for the three dentists, as well as any guidelines you deem necessary for the three doctors. Use any graphic style you feel comfortable with: hand-drawn, SketchUp, Illustrator and CAD are all acceptable. The most important aspect is clarity: Label each aspect of the practice and explain the role it plays in enabling three dentists to turn a single space into a streamlined “sharing economy” facility.